Shannon Rynd-Ray is the owner an founder of Shannon Rynd-Ray Photography and Yoga Photographs. She graduated from Bennington College with a B.A. in Photography. After interning with world renowned photographer David LaChapelle in NYC, she traveled through Italy, Northern Africa, and the Virgin Islands building a vast portfolio of work, some of which was selected as Photographers Forum Emerging Photographer Finalist, Photograph Of The Day in Italian Photo Vogue,  and the Daily Dozen of National Geographic.

Her commercial work includes working with Lululemon, Food and Beverage Magazine, MV Soul Concepts, Ben Taylor, MV Sound, EQL Magazine, Hayes Design Studios, De Jardim, ONEhotyoga, and Karen Trotier Designs.

Shannon captures the beauty in the odd and the simple in the complex. Each photograph holds a story of its own, each a painting of her imagination. Simple and clean. She has learned that staying true to what she loves will create the best piece of work, re-shooting until the image "feels" right.

She presently lives on Martha's Vineyard, focusing on her work and raising her three beautiful children.